CTC Training Course Schedule



  • Long Island, NY, April 2004
  • New York, NY, July 2004
  • Ft. Lauderdale, May 2005
  • New York, NY, September 2005
  • Miami, FL, December 2006
  • New York, NY, October 2007
  • Victoria, BC, Canada, November 2007
  • Victoria, BC, Canada, May 2008
  • Chicago, IL, August 2008
  • Chicago, IL August 2009


Next course date TBD
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Course Overview:

This 2 day course conducted by Drs. Pickhardt and Kim covers the effective appliation of 3D Virtual Colonoscopy (VC), also referred to as CT Colonography. The course emphasis is on VC screening using the 3D view for primary polyp detection (and 2D for confirmation), the same innovative techniques used in the multi-center clinical trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine. This course combines didactic presentations with significant hands-on experience with pathology-proven cases. You will learn to utilize the specific 3D tools and recognize pitfalls that will result in reduction of both reading times and false positives. Other topics include effective patient preparation, colonic distention, extracolonic CT findings, and issues relating to program set-up and third-party reimbursement. Frequent question and answer sessions and one-on-one contact will allow for immediate feedback. By the conclusion of this course, you should know the essential components needed to run a successful VC screening program.

Target Audience:

Individuals interested in conducting colorectal cancer screening with high quality virtual colonoscopy (VC). Target audience includes radiologists, gastroenterologists, and CT technologists.


Course Objectives:

At the conclusion of the course, a participant should:
  • Be able to implement the various components of a complete VC examination to acquire high quality examinations
  • Effectively detect polyps utilizing a primary 3D approach and characterize with 2D techniques
  • Be aware of common pitfalls and problems associated with VC interpretation
  • Have completed a large number of path-proven cases










CTC Teaching File

  • Over 75 cases with endoscopy and pathologic proof
  • 25-case quiz eligible for testing and certification
  • Intended to satisfy both Radiology and GI practice guidelines
  • Covers diverse spectrum of pathology
  • Can be used with any CTC software system
  • Answer book with images of both CTC and colonoscopy findings
  • Allows for continuing training at your home institution

$5,000 USD

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